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Ravenol Partners with SaxoPrint RTG

When the official motorcycles where unveiled. it is clear that Ravenol is a new partner in Saxoprint RTG

With the unveiling of the official motorcycles on the 6th of June 2015 it was clear RAVENOL is a new partner in Saxoprint RTG.

Between RAVENOL-Motorsport Director Martin Huning and team boss Dirk Heidolf the comprehensive technical cooperation was for the FIM Moto3 Championship which will be held as part of the MotoGP. Moreover RAVENOL placements obtained in the two motorcycles and the competition clothing of the driver.

The relatively new, although already successful racing team and the leading lubricant manufacturer share same philosophy when it comes to performance and success. True to the motto “high-performance lubricant meets high-performance motorcycle racing” they would like look to  the future together on racetracks around the world.

RAVENOL now one of the most popular oil brands in the world also knows about the fascination of motorcycle racing.

“We are delighted to be working in the future with Dirk Heidolf and his team, at the level of the international motorcycle racing and want like to celebrate success together. Motorcycle Oils, Made in Germany and Saxoprint RTG” ensure a good combination said Martin Huning (Motorsport Director at RAVENOL).