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Why should I choose Ravenol? There are numerous reasons to trust Ravenol with your engine. Ravenol is known internationally and has a reputation for quality and innovation in the oil industry (e..g they were the first company to develop a 0w16 oil). They have more OEM approvals than any other brand (based on the latest Dekra listing). 
Are your oils produced locally? We import directly from Germany. This ensures our oils are produced to the highest possible quality and standards.

What about oil additives? We generally don’t recommend using them. There are quite a few of these products available on the market that claim to increase horsepower, reduce fuel consumption and reduce engine wear. Many of these products contain a base oil, usually an SAE 50 with all the standard additives such as zinc, phosphorous and sulphur compounds. This is no different to what oil blenders have already put into the oil. The only difference is that when the oil blender adds compounds, it is in very precise quantities, at specific temperatures and in a certain way to give the end lubricant very unique performance properties. All blended products are then quality tested to confirm that the additives added are in exactly the correct proportions.

Why Choose Ravenol? Ravenol is a global leader in advanced lubrication technology.

With over 70 OEM approvals from leading manufactures for just our engine oils, we can safely say that we have more OEM approvals than any other lubricants brand*. Simply put, our oils are trusted for use in more engines than any other other oil brand on the market.

Our advanced CleanSynto® technology reduces the build up of soot and dirt particles inside your vehicle’s engine, keeping your engine cleaner, for longer and helps reduce the risk of future engine failure.

RAVENOL Extra Fuel Economy EFE SAE 0W-16 is the first motor oil in the world with license approval from API with its specification API SN and viscosity SAE 0W-16.

Our technical consultants are on hand to help you select the right oil for your car and to assist you with any specific needs and questions.

Our wide range of products include lubricants for: automotive, motosport, motorcycle, marine, commercial and car care.

With Ravenol, you have peace of mind knowing that we will supply you with the best possible engine oil for your vehicle.