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About Us

RAVENOL provides the customer with a wide range of lubricants and cleaning products, including car and truck engine oils, racing oils, gear oils for automatic and manual transmissions and drive axles, as well as agricultural machinery products, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, specialty fats, high performance lubricants, car care products, cleaners, winter chemicals and engine coolant (anti-freeze). RAVENOL products meet or exceed the highest international specifications and carry the Approvals of many leading motor manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler (MB), VW, BMW, Porsche, MAN, Scania, Volvo, MTU, Deutz, ZF, Steyr Motors, Cummins. RAVENOL products are API and NMMA listed. In the advanced, on-site laboratories, products are carefully  developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the major automotive manufacturers and to comply with future regulations. The quality management system guarantees a high standard of product and this attention to detail is carried through from production to shipping.

RAVENOL and Motorsport -the perfect match

The technical abilities of RAVENOL products is best expressed through the ongoing commitment to Motorsport, and the ultimate test bed for developing high performance lubricants is the race track, where RAVENOL products have proved themselves time and time again under the most extreme conditions. RAVENOL rises to the challenge and as an active partner to both team and driver provides innovative solutions – whatever the application. 

Research & Development

RAVENOL is renowned as one of the most technically innovative companies in the industry, and the high quality and optimal composition of RAVENOL products are the basis of their success. In particular, the special formulations and the unique design and manufacturing processes that are individually tailored to suit customer needs, make RAVENOL products increasingly in demand worldwide. Extensive investment in laboratories, ongoing training of employees, who work closely with engine manufacturers, and not least the research and development partnerships in world motorsport, give RAVENOL this enviable reputation for innovation and technical excellence.
One demonstration of this capability is the development of a special formulation for full synthetic oils based on esters. This system is offered under the brand name "CleanSynto" and offers exceptional protection to critical parts of the engine from premature wear.


What makes us different

Ravenol , an esteemed International Brand,  serves from our authentic virtue, to delight our customers by adding more value in EVERY conceivable way! Through Innovation, Experience, Understanding, Integrity and Care we supply the correct automotive lubricants for the correct applications with trusted, unrivaled technical advice rounded off by the delightful experience of excellent service.